Brand New Bluespotted Rays!

We are all very excited at the aquarium because two bluespotted rays, a male and a female, have just gone into an exhibit. I leapt at the chance to photograph these animals as soon as they went in their tank and was rewarded by the male, named Raymond, swimming perfectly past me.

These rays are reasonably widespread throughout the Indo-Pacific and are often seen by divers. The blue spots are beautiful but are also a warning to other animals about its venomous barb located on its tail. As with all stingrays the barbs are only ever used defensively and are perfectly safe as long as they aren’t bothered or threatened. Sadly they are often affected by humans and are having their coral reef habitat destroyed by activities such as dynamite fishing.

They don’t often bury in the sand meaning they can be seen alot of the time, unlike some of our more local rays!

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